Award for Best Director at the III Festival international Mirabile Dictu in Rome (Italy). Also nominated for Best Film.

Official Selection for Best Film at the 29th Bogota Film Festival (Colombia)

Official Selection for Best Screenplay and People´s Choise on John Paul II International Film Festival in Miami (EEUU)

Sinopsis Mary, a mature woman, lawyer, remains unemployed because of her honesty. Someone like her who believes in the Justice of God seems to have no place in our society but she does not despair, and while looking for work, writes what she believes matters in a little notebook.

She meets two men, Manuel a musician who survives as best he can, with whom she shares her writings, and Santiago an executive director of a record company, very committed to protect authors from the disaster of illegal downloading on internet. Both influence her and she is cannot avoid confronting new challenges where once more her integrity will be put to the test.
Comments of the Director This story arises from the necessity to share certain truths. The maturity of an ideal stage which has the value of experience and with further developed skills. But society, or whoever decides that at these ages one is not considered productive. No one is interested. Our main character knows this and awaits nothing at all. Her necessity never changes; she works with honesty, she is committed and rigorous. But society or whoever is not going to make it easy for her. Despite this, Maria lives every occasion, but even as unfortunate as it may seem she lives it all as an opportunity. She knows that what really matters is free, that life is a gift and that one should never stop doing things, plant, improve, and change without getting off course.

This story speaks of beliefs, laws and God´s divine justice. It speaks of poems, music and what it truly behind music, what is exposed and the chances she takes. Intellectual property, unconsciousness, underground interest, friendship. She does not detain herself in the past or future, only the present, which at times is painful, some others uncertain but always hopeful. Because a song is exactly that: hope.

In order to carry this out I have had the altruistic support of collaborators, sincere friends, great professionals, Graduates, people with no experience and with a deliverability for work for which I am so grateful to God for. Producing, interpreting and directing something I have also written has been very stimulating and extremely complex. Without all of this invaluable help I could not have written these words.

The production is simple, fixed frames, realistic photography where a natural warm light predominates. The editing is dynamic. For the sound track I searched for a sound of our land, ancestral and current accompanied with the traditional Spanish guitar, I found a song writer that managed to overcome my imagination. The acting performances are real and credible. This is my homage to Madrid, the city that took me in twenty-five years ago and most of all here lays a story created in liberty. I hope it is interesting and that you enjoy what I modestly wanted to portray and sing with a lot of love.

Inmaculada Hoces.
Filmography of the Writer, Director and Producer film Inmaculada Hoces (Jerez de la Frontera, 1960) writes, directs and produces two short films in 35mm, Any day with Manuela (Cualquier día con Manuela) and For a handful of dimes (Por un puñado de duros), receiving for the first Jinete Ibérico Award for best Spanish movie during the XVIII International Huesca Film Festival, and travelling with both movies to important national and international film festivals. She has had a long career in television as a producer and scriptwriter. She founded the production company Las Cosas Nuevas. Currently she is finalizing the script for his next feature.
Inmaculada Hoces
Miguel Molina
Jorge Cabrera
Malena Polo
Balbino Lacosta
Pablo Torelló
Patricia de Luna
Francis Cervera
Carlos Tello
Javier Moyano
Technical Team
Screenplay, Direction, y Producer Film
Inmaculada Hoces
Director of photography
Ángel Luis Fernández
José Salcedo y Leonor Fernández
Sound Mixer
Jorge Pablo
Tony Pereyra
Assistant Director
Borja Respaldiza y Miguel Ángel García de la Calera
Camera operator
Ángel Luis Fernández y Carlo Sisalli
Camara assistants
Juan Hernández y Miguel Ángel Camino
Stills Photography
Alejandro Hormaechea
Make-up and Hair
Mª Ángeles Romero
Ester Lucas
Year of production
100 min
Filming Location
Madrid, Spain
Production company
Las Cosas Nuevas S.L.U.
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